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The following articles are available to download:

 3D IC Packaging J. Lau, Dec. 2014

 Thermal Ground Planes by A. Bar-Cohen et al. , Mar. 2015

 Nano Thermal Interface Materials  A. Bar-Cohen et al. , Dec. 2015

 Thermal Management in Data Centers S Alkharabsheh, D. Agonafer, A. Ortega, Y. Joshi, B. Sammakia et al., Dec. 2015

 Two-Phase Forced Cooling in Stacked 3D Electronics C. Green, Y. Joshi et al., Dec. 2015

 Stretchable Thin Film Materials  Y. Wang, J. Xiao et al., June 2016

 Decomposable and Template Polymers E. Uzunlar, P. A. Kohl et al., June 2016

 Quantum Dots-Converted LED Packaging  B. Xie, X. Luo et al., June 2016

 Sintered Silver (Ag) as Bonding Material  K. S. Siow and Y.T. Lin

 Creep Constitutive Models  S. Mukerjee, A.Dasgupta et al., Sept. 2016

A Review of Two-Phase Forced Cooling in Three-Dimensional Stacked Electronics: Technology Integration Green C, Kottke P, Han X, et al., Dec. 2016

Recent Advances and New Trends in Flip Chip Technology Lau JH, Dec. 2016

Measurement Techniques for Thermal Conductivity and Interfacial Thermal Conductance of Bulk and Thin Film Materials Zhao D, Qian X, Gu X, Jajja S, Yang R, Dec. 2016


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