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The Journal of Electronic Packaging publishes papers that address:

  1. Thermal management, applied mechanics, and technologies for microsystems packaging
  2. Critical issues in systems integration
  3. Emerging packaging technologies and materials with micro/nano structures
  4. General small scale systems

The journal is to serve researches and engineers working in academic and industrial settings. Original scientific merit and high engineering relevance are the major criteria for the acceptance of a submitted paper. In addition, leaders in the field are invited to publish review articles on hot, emerging, and fundamental topics. The free downloads of all review articles will be available through this website or the JEP LinkedIn community.

2015 Journal of Electronic Packaging Impact Factor is 1.402. This is a 65% increase over 0.856 in 2014, which was improved significantly from 0.645 in 2013. As a reference, our peer journals’ impact factors in 2015 are: IEEE CPMT (1.151), ASME J. of Heat Transfer (1.723) and IEEE J. of MEMS (1.939). The impact factor is only one of the measures of a journal’s impact. It is usually not very high for an engineering journal. However, it is encouraging to achieve such impressive increases in such a short period of time. In addition to impact factors, we really want to reach out to professionals in industry and monitor JEP’s true impact through active participation through this companion web site.

Authors are encouraged to submit quality papers to our journal at the following webpage: Submit a Paper