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The following review articles will appear in future JEP issues:


  • Assembly of heterogeneous materials from bio-inspirational to bio-integration, Gao, Cheng
  • MEMS and Information and Storage - Ahsan Mian (Montana State University) and Golam Newaz (Wayne State University) 
  • Electro-dynamic Vibration Testing and Repetitive Shock Vibration Testing for Electronic Assemblies, Abhijit Dasgupta, (University of Maryland)
  • LED Packaging, Ricky Lee (HKUST)
  • A Review of the Functional Requirements, Design Approaches, and Emerging Technologies for Applications of Thermal Interface Materials- Craig Green, Thomas Bougher, Mathew Smith, and Baratunde Cola (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  • Shock Survivability of Electronic Systems, Pradeep Lall (Auburn University)
  • Qualitative Study of Cumulative Corrosion Damage of IT Equipment in a Data Center Utilizing Air-side Economizer, Shah
  • Prognostics Health Management of Electronic Systems, Pradeep Lall (Auburn University)
  • Packaging Technology for Latest Power Semiconductor Module, Yoshikazu Takahashi (Fuji Electric Co.)
  • Atomic Layer Deposition and Molecular Layer Deposition for Packaging, Ryan J. Lewis and Y. C. Lee (University of Colorado)
  • Adhesion Testing for Interfaces of Multi-Layer Semiconductor Packaging Structures: A Review, Kenny Mahan and Bongtae Han (University of Maryland)
  • High Temperature and Harsh Environment technical committee, David Shaddock (GE Global Research)
  • Alternate Air Movers for Electronic Cooling: Advances and Challenges, Anandaroop Bhattacharya (IIT Kharagpur), Rakshit Tirumala (GE Global Research), Peter de Bock (GE Global Research)
  • Thermal management of Small Form Factor Electronics, Anandaroop Bhattacharya (IIT Kharagpur), Mark Macdonald (Intel Corp.)
  • Electronics packaging for very high G force loadings- Louis Manzione (Bell labs)